Celebration food from the heart of Surry Hills..

Following the huge success of their first cookbook Crown Street Cooks, the Crown Street Public School team is thrilled to announce their new tome Crown Street Celebrates, due for release in November 2019. Celebrating the schools 170th birthday, this beautifully photographed, high quality 200-page cookbook will showcase more than 100 recipes by talented home cooks and big-name chefs from Surry Hills, one of the hottest food destinations in Australia. 

Curated by renowned chef Jane Strode and bar owner Jeremy Blackmore (both CSPS parents), Crown Street Celebrates will include recipes by the late Jeremy Strode and Monty Koludrovic (Dolphin Hotel), and drinks by Tio’s Cerveceria and Scout Bar, plus many more still to be announced. This is a celebration of people and place, photographed, designed, written and edited by an amazing team of creative parents. Recipes will include birthday cakes, sweets, party food and drinks that will turn any event into a celebration with true Surry Hills style. Plus a handy directory at the back of the book provides a complete guide to dining and food shopping in Surry Hills. 

Surry Hills is one of the most densely populated eating hubs in the country, and easily the most written about. The businesses are many and varied - cafes, wine bars, pubs, grocers, ethnic eateries and internationally recognised restaurants that define the unique character of the suburb. They are all keen supporters of the school - after all, it’s where the neighbourhood eats and plays. 

Crown Street Celebrates is a fundraiser designed to draw together the many supporters of the historic Crown Street Public School (established 1849), and proceeds will raise much-needed funds for the school. In addition, $1 from the sale of each book will be donated to Salvation Army’s Oasis Youth Support Network, located in the heart of Surry Hills. 

Crown Street Celebrates is a must-have for people who love food, live locally or simply enjoy visiting this vibrant inner-city community. 

From sausage rolls and fairy bread to dumplings and daiquiris, Crown Street Celebrates is an essential for any Aussie kitchen and will turn any event into a celebration with true Surry Hills style…


Crown Street Celebrates will retail for $45 and $1 from every cookbook sold will go to the Salvation Army’s Oasis Youth Support Network

For more details please contact:  Lara Caraturo - Project Director

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